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This is an exsert from School Prospectus, please find further information on there under Key Information :


School Uniform We expect all children to wear the correct school uniform although during this period of the cost of living crisis, we do not insist on jumpers and cardigans with the school logo. A smart school uniform creates a smart impression and is conducive to a sense of community. Parents will be expected to bring the correct school uniform up to school if children arrive without it. The school colour is royal blue. This is our school uniform: – Grey skirt/pinafore dress in black or grey – Trousers/tailored shorts in black or grey – White blouse/shirt/polo shirt (preferably from Brigade with the logo – Blue sweatshirt with embroidered logo or blue cardigan with embroidered logo available from: – Blue and white gingham style dress, (summer). – Plain white, black or grey socks/ tights – Shoes must be completely black with no logos (no white/coloured stripes/jewels). – Hairbands or ties must be plain black, white, grey or blue gingham We emphasise the importance of children wearing the appropriate shoes to school. Strong “school shoes” are recommended as they give excellent support when the children are running and playing outside. Slip-on shoes, or those with higher heels than normal, are unsafe and inappropriate. Plain black boots can be worn in winter but they are not recommended. Sandals can be worn in the summer however they must be black and have a back. Black cycling shorts can be worn under a skirt or dress but should not be lower than the skirt or dress. – Page 12 of 24 For PE and Games each child will need black shorts, a pale blue polo-shirt (embroidered with the school logo, available from: (or in winter a black, navy or grey track suit), and a pair of plimsolls or trainers. Children are permitted to wear trainers when participating in PE outdoors but when inside all children should have a pair of black plimsolls or bare feet. These should be kept in a simple drawstring bag. The children in Dragons can wear slippers in school. This has been very successful as we believe it has helped the children to settle in class even more. Also, as the children spend lots of time on the carpet playing, it keeps the carpet cleaner as children move inside and out. We ask that children do not wear jewellery because they have to remove it for PE as part of our Health and Safety policy and we are concerned that they may lose it. Children should not come to school with track lines or coloured hair unless it is a spray for a celebration or mufti day.

Brigade Uniform Brochure