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Here at St John's we love music.

We love to sing, we love to listen and we love to play. 


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Musican Of The Month - March


Florence was born in 1887 and died in 1953.

She was an American Classical composer and pianist and was was the first African-American woman to have her music played by a major orchestra. She composed over 300 symphonies, choral works, songs and pieces for solo instruments. However, much of this music was only discovered in 2009 at her abandoned summer home. She studied at the Conservatory of Music in Boston and initially pretended to be Mexican to try to avoid racial discrimination. It was difficult for her to succeed as a composer due to her race and gender. After her divorce, she worked as a pianist for silent film screenings to support her children. 

After her death much of her music was forgotten, but as time went on African-American and female composers gained more attention and her works began to be rediscovered. The large quantity of music discovered at her home in 2009 was very nearly lost to history. Her compositions use the European tradition but also draw on her Southern American roots. 

Ms Domoney's favourite pieces are the "Juba Dance" and "Adoration" - what are your favourites? 




Here are some links to help you practice what you have been learning in your piano lessons with Mrs Hind.


Alphabet Boogie

Charlie Chipmunk

Hungry Herbie Hippo

Hungry Herbie Hippo in C

Outer Space


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