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Welcome to Pegasus Class!


In Pegasus Class you will find 25 awesome children - a marvellous mixture of Year 2s and Year 3s.  Mrs Young teaches on Mondays and Ms Domoney for the rest of the week. You will also find Mrs Jameson and Mrs Robson, our amazing TAs, who love to help everyone with their learning. 


This term we are very busy indeed, here's why.... we will be:

  • investigating our whole-school topic - Up In The Air
  • using short-film to inspire our writing
  • delving into the past of Salisbury and Old Sarum
  • learning all about plants (Y3) 
  • finding out about different kinds of relationships with Jigsaw Jino
  • using our design and building skills to make kites
  • getting ready to celebrate our school anniversary and the Queen's Platinum Jubilee!


Every week your homework will be:

- learn your spellings for a test and dictation on Fridays

- play either TTRockstars OR Numbots (aim for 10 minutes, 2-3 times a week)

- read three times, aloud to an adult


If you would like to do some more learning at home, see below for some ideas.

Ms Domoney and Mrs Young are always pleased to see work that has been completed in your own time. 


Home Learning or Isolation ideas - Spring Term


  • Investigate the seas, oceans, continents and countries of the world
  • Play board games with two dice and practise your speed adding
  • Practise telling the time with both analogue and digital clocks
  • Write a letter to your favourite author
  • Write a review of a book or a film that you have read/seen
  • Try an online kids yoga session to help you chill out (RelaxKids or CosmicKids is very good)
  • Use your cards to play games at home - snap, happy families, bonds to 10
  • Find out about your favourite creature who lives underground
  • Research a famous earthquake or volcanic eruption
  • Keep your eyes out for signs of Spring
  • Research a famous musician - find out all about their instrument and them
  • Find out about a synagogue - what would you see if you visited one?


Don't forget to bring your work into school to share :)


Don’t forget to keep reading, playing TTRS and Numbots, and doing EdShed

Home learning links for Pegasus




(hint: your login is the same for both)


(for SpellingShed, MathsShed and QuizShed)



Times Table Cover Songs (YouTube)

BBC Supermovers Times Table Dances


World Geography Games


Five Minute Mum Games

Pegasus Home Learning Ideas 2020-2021