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Welcome to Pegasus Class!


In Pegasus Class you will find 21 awesome children. Mrs Young teaches on Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons and Ms Domoney for the rest of the week. You will also find Mrs Jameson, Mrs Robson and Mrs Hill, our amazing TAs, who love to help everyone with their learning. 


This term, inspired by our whole-school topic of 

SOUL, we are going to be:

  • writers, inspired by the short film: Evol
  • historians, deciding whether we would rather live in the Stone Age, the Bronze Age or the Iron Age
  • mathematicians, learning how to use methods like column addition and the grid method and learning our times tables
  • sportspeople, improving our batting, bowling and fielding skills as well as working on our running, throwing and jumping
  • scientists, discovering the wonders of the plant kingdom
  • computer scientists, creating our own digital music
  • linguists, learning about French language and culture


Every week your homework will be:

- learn your spellings for a test and dictation on Fridays

- play either TTRockstars OR Numbots (aim for 300 points or 15 minutes)

- read three times, aloud to an adult


If you would like to do some more learning at home, see below for some ideas.

Ms Domoney and Mrs Young are always pleased to see work that has been completed in your own time. 


Pegasus Digital Music - open the file below and use the QR codes to listen to our animal-inspired music

Home Learning Ideas - Summer Term


- Practice your catching and throwing skills 

- Get out in the garden and grow some plants ready for summer. 

- Find out about a local pre-historic site such as Avebury or Stonehenge

- Dance to BBC Supermovers times table songs.

- Practice telling the time with both analogue and digital clocks.

- Listen to some Aretha Franklin - can you make up a dance?

- Use Chrome Music Lab to make your own music





Home learning links for Pegasus




(hint: your login is the same for both)


(for SpellingShed, MathsShed and QuizShed)



Times Table Cover Songs (YouTube)

BBC Supermovers Times Table Dances


World Geography Games


Five Minute Mum Games

Year 3&4 Information Session Powerpoint

Year 1&2 Information Session Powerpoint