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Welcome to Pegasus Class!


In Pegasus Class you will find 25 awesome children, a marvellous mixture of Year 2s and Year 3s. You will find Mrs Charnock teaching on Mondays and Ms Domoney (me!) for the rest of the week. You will also find Mrs Jameson helping everybody with their learning as well as Mrs Robson, our special science TA, and Mrs Hill who gets us organised on a Friday. 


This term we are very busy indeed, here's why.... we will be:

  • thinking about how Brilliant our Bodies are!
  • inspired in our writing by a short film called "Once In A Lifetime"
  • investigating the upcoming Olympics and the host country, Japan
  • learning about animals, their habitats and how they survive
  • finding out how to keep our Brilliant Bodies healthy
  • learning about Hindu beliefs
  • setting ourselves a fitness goal


Every week your homework will be:

- learn your spellings for a test on Thursday and a dictation on Friday

- play either TTRockstars OR Numbots (aim for 10 minutes, 2-3 times a week)

- read three times, aloud to an adult


If you would like to do some more learning at home, see below for some ideas.

Ms Domoney is always pleased to see work that has been completed in your own time. 


Home Learning ideas - Summer Term


  • Find out about the origins of the Olympic games - how was it different to the modern Olympics?
  • Play board games with two dice and practice your speed adding
  • Use your knowledge of weights and measure to follow a recipe and bake a cake or other yummy item
  • Write a letter to your favourite author
  • Write a reveiw of a book or a film that you have read/seen
  • Try an online kids yoga session to help you chill out (RelaxKids is very good)
  • Create your own fitness circuit - decide how long to complete each task for and challenge your family!
  • Imagine the Olympics was being held in Tisbury, design a logo for the Tisbury games
  • Research a famous Olympian
  • Use Google Earth to explore Tokyo, or other areas of Japan
  • Find out how Japanese buildings are designed to withstand earthquakes
  • Draw some Hindu gods and goddesess
  • Use junk modelling to design and make your own Olympic torch
  • Set yourself a sporting skill challenge and work on it - like bouncing a tennis ball on a racquet
  • Follow a tutorial for how to draw in the style of Japanese Manga comics


Don't forget to bring your work into school to share :)

Pegasus Home Learning Ideas 2020-2021

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