Values and Ethos at St John’s

What we believe…

At St. John’s Church of England Primary School we are whole heartedly committed to:

  • A creative environment that challenges children’s thinking both inside and outside the classroom, with learning opportunities for all, instilling a genuine love of learning.
  • High expectations
  • To develop British values recognising our church as a place within and beyond the local community.
  • A shared vision for the future development of the school.
  • A place at the heart of the community, both locally and globally.
  • A healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Celebrating all our successes and achievements.
  • Valuing everyone as an individual and recognising their place within our team.
  • Providing lifelong learning experiences.

Our Ethos

St John’s ethos is an inclusive learning culture, where all decisions are based on the need of the children, and where every individual child is provided with every opportunity to achieve their best in the context of Christian belief and practice. The creative curriculum, learning experiences and inspiring learning environment aims to enthuse and immerse the children in their learning.

Our Values

Values are fundamental expressions of what we think and believe. Our five core values as chosen by the school community are based on Christian values and British values. As a school, we encourage children to think about their moral, spiritual, social and cultural development. They are encouraged to be involved in the life and concerns of their community and society to develop their capacity to be active, effective future citizens. The children contribute in decisions about their learning and school life through an active school council. St. John’s is a friendly environment where everyone involved are welcomed and valued.

Our Aims

Our aims reflect our ethos, beliefs and values; and represent our vision and what we want to achieve as a school community. Our aims are based on the School Development Plan (SDP) and vision for the future development of our school. These are based on the monitoring of teaching and learning, attainment and achievement but also to ensure the children are provided with a broad and balanced curriculum that enables children to be supported and challenged to reach their full potential. Our five core values are: Kindness, Honesty, Perseverance, Respect and Responsibility.