School Uniform

We expect all children to wear school uniform. It creates a smart impression and is conducive to a sense of community. The school colour is royal blue. We offer the following guidelines:


Grey skirt/pinafore dress/grey/black trousers

White blouse/polo shirt

Blue sweatshirt or cardigan with embroidered logo


Grey/black trousers or shorts

White shirt/polo shirt

Blue sweatshirt with embroidered logo

We emphasize the importance for children to wear the appropriate shoes to school. Strong ‘school shoes’ are recommended as they give excellent support when the children are running and playing outside. Slip-on shoes, or those with higher heels than normal, are unsafe and inappropriate.   Shoes must be completely black (no white/coloured stripes/jewels).  Boots which are no higher than ankle-height are allowed.

For P.E. and Games each child will need black shorts, a pale blue polo-shirt embroidered with the school logo (or in winter a track suit), and a pair of plimsolls. Children will be permitted to wear trainers in the winter months if participating in PE outdoors but when inside all children should have a pair of black plimsolls.  These should be kept in a simple draw string bag.

Sweatshirt, cardigans and PE polo shirt are available from Brigade Clothing Ltd. Please visit the link below:

PE polo shirts and sports house polo shirts are available from Tesco: