Staff List

As of September 2017

Headteacher:  Mrs Lisa Portch

Class teacher (Year 6):  Mrs Hatcher

Class teacher (Year 4 & 5):  Miss Collinson

Class teacher (Year 2 & 3):  Mrs Rendell

Class teacher (Year 1): Mrs Maidment

Class teacher (foundation):  Mrs Morris

SENCo:  Mrs Lisa Portch

Finance & Admin Officer:  Mrs Lisa Beavis (deals with queries from parents and other members of the public)

Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Kitty Dunkley (HLTA)

Miss Sandra Rideout

Mrs Debbie Corbett

Miss Sonja Hindle

Mrs Jane Cockburn

Mrs Louise Stone

Mrs Sara Burton

Mrs Sue Jameson

Miss Emily Croft

Midday Supervisors:

Miss Mel Tucker

Mrs Sarah Arnold

Miss Anna-Marie Penny

Ms Emily Crofts (casual MDSA)

Cleaner:    Vacancy